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Grief is a Curious Thing

Spring has been a bit of a doozy this year. My mother, who had been in decline for over a decade, passed away right before Mother’s Day. The timing was unexpected but her death was something the whole family had been on alert for….

Sketching Vs. Improvising

Whether you are a writer or an artist there’s the uniform recommendation to make an outline of your story or a sketch of your work in order to provide yourself with direction. The wisdom states that if you want to be good at creating…

May Check-in

I’m going to be fully honest and say that I didn’t plan ahead for today’s post so I figured that a check-in would be a good alternative to a regularly scheduled post.

Finishing What You Start

So, you’ve been inspired lately and you’ve worked on translating the idea in your head into a creative medium. You work on it for awhile and although it seemed like it was going well, you hit a wall and everything you do seems to…

Finding Inspiration & What to do After

There are several layers to the topic of inspiration. As the child of artists I’ve found it readily available but being inspired and knowing what to do with inspiration are often very separate issues. I’ve talked about my plans for this blog shifting from…

Grasslands Ghosts

I’m very excited to share my new series of paintings titled “Grasslands Ghosts” inspired by the urban nature of Jacksonville. 

Inktober, NaNoWriMo and Getting Caught Up

There is not a day in my life that I have ever been bored. Not to say that I haven’t engaged in activities that are tedious, monotonous or mind-numbing but rather that every day I have more things I am eager to think about…

Jax Makes – Updates and Thoughts

On Saturday I was a vendor at the Jacksonville Public Library for the Jax Makes event. There were 70 vendors split between three floors on the library. I have a variety of thoughts about the event.

Inktober 2018

This will be my first year participating in Inktober but having participated in a variety of art challenges over the last year I feel adequately prepared to take it on. I’ve been wanting to include more art posts on this blog and Inktober is…

Jax Makes – Getting Ready

On October 13 the Main Library in Jacksonville, FL is hosting Jax Makes as a celebration of local makers and artisans. Independent of this I have spent the last nine months working on a series of handmade greeting cards and wall art. Serendipitously I…