My photography has a clear focus on glorious skies, stark scenes, textural natural scenes and botanicals. I love capturing moments for which the word “awe” can be used as well as the smaller moments of fleeting nature. I find photography to be meditative and just a purely joyful way to keep ahold of something that my eyes and mind will remember differently some day.

Glory of the West – Born and raised in California with my maternal family spread throughout the state I enjoyed many road trips from the mountains, through the valley and down to coastal Southern California. Although people often think of California for the coastal cities, for me I will always think of California for the farmlands that produce so much of it’s export and scenes like this form much of the traveling view between places of note.

Traffic Stream – long exposure of traffic in Santa Barbara’s Mesa neighborhood.

Fenced in Westward – As in Glory of the West this scene extends for many hours of travel time between Northern and Southern California.

Beach Trail – I can still feel the cold sand between my toes.

Golden Milk Sky – This will always be my memory of Santa Barbara’s Mesa community touted for access to the famous ocean view, I always loved the golden hour views.