Grasslands Ghosts

“Grasslands Ghosts” is my new series inspired by the urban nature of Jacksonville.

This series captures the essence of my spring and summer walks through a grassy field in Jacksonville that once served as a golf course but has since overgrown and provided space for wildlife and people connecting with and using the space for walks and appreciation of nature.

The essence of these walks is that feeling of “grasslands ghosts” which are the whisper of breeze on your skin as cooling kiss upon skin. The way the wind moves the clouds to shelter you from the heat of the sun before it overwhelms. The air moving the humidity off and opening your lungs to the smell of warm dirt and green grass.

These are not dark hauntings by ghosts of horror stories but instead are the pleasant hauntings of memory revisiting the promise of adventures and long days under dreamy blue skies.

Reprints from this series as well as stationary and stickers are available on Zazzle, my favorites include the very affordable envelopes for under $1