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Camp NaNoWriMo and What’s Next?

This post is a little late because I’ve been on a much needed vacation which involved nothing so exciting as not having anything scheduled and a little day trip to St. Augustine. After completing my Camp NaNoWriMo goal I took 10 days off from…

June Check-in

How is it June already? I’m still sorting myself out, trying to catch up on a variety of projects and opportunities that all seem to be ready to be tackled right this moment. However, rather than use this as an opportunity to complain about…

Grief is a Curious Thing

Spring has been a bit of a doozy this year. My mother, who had been in decline for over a decade, passed away right before Mother’s Day. The timing was unexpected but her death was something the whole family had been on alert for….

May Check-in

I’m going to be fully honest and say that I didn’t plan ahead for today’s post so I figured that a check-in would be a good alternative to a regularly scheduled post.

My Current Novel: Starting Over

As much as I’d love to emulate the success of writers who attribute their success to writing every day, rain or shine, I have stopped comparing my journey to theirs. My Starchild series has enough words and story for two full books with notes…

My Current Novel: Reading and Revising

The Starchild Series began life somewhere in The Sims 2 as I created worlds and neighborhoods. It was a pressure free environment where my mind could simply tell a story for the joy of telling a story. Then I got serious and actually wrote…

My Current Novel: Origins

There have been three novels I have finished over the years and never managed to revise. A fact that remains vivid in my mind is that “you’re not a writer if you’re not published” were my cousin’s words of support and I believed them…

Jax Makes – Updates and Thoughts

On Saturday I was a vendor at the Jacksonville Public Library for the Jax Makes event. There were 70 vendors split between three floors on the library. I have a variety of thoughts about the event.

September Revamp and Moving Update

As promised in July I’m ready to return to posting and I have plans to update the format of this blog and site. There’s always been something about Fall for me, I was that kid that couldn’t wait to shop for school supplies, get…

Moving, art and updates

I have a love-hate relationship with moving. In fact, I haven’t even really unpacked anything except the necessities in the course of two moves over three years.