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CR Elliott

I'm a writer and artist with an avid interest in imaginative worlds that explore the beautiful and wonderous alongside the tragic, dark and sorrowful.

In Defense of Abandoned Projects

Inspiration is a wonderful fleeting affair that some regale and others revile. It isn’t terribly dependable as fodder for finished art and writing but it can make the difficult days worthwhile knowing that inspiration is as delightful as it is capricious. I’m not sure when I stopped chasing inspiration and […]

Why Productivity?

Something I see a lot right now when I browse my usual feeds is people talking about how unproductive or productive they are during lockdown. Essential workers are the rare exception and speak to their inability to fit in time to write or create between weeks full of overtime hours. […]

Coping Mechanisms

Over the years I have explored many ways of coping with fear, uncertainty and trauma. Some were so ineffective as to be laughable, others were reasonable but didn’t work for me and mostly I learned that usually it’s a moving target. Not everything works all the time. More recently when […]