Starchild Series on Patreon

I have often debated posting more about my fiction on my site but for a variety of reasons I have held back. The biggest reason is that the internet is a weird place. Nearly twenty years ago I shared a lot of my writing online with strangers and future friends. Over the years though, as money and fame have become things that one can acquire online, I’ve become more cautious about what I share. Patreon had been a consideration of mine but up until recently I wasn’t sure if or when I would decide to create one. I finally made my decision for my Starchild Series.

The series is currently in the middle of a rewrite which might seem like a terrible time to start a Patreon. Time will tell. Portions of the story are complete as is a lot of the worldbuilding. As I approached the rewrite I realized that there’s plenty of completed content to share with those who are curious. There are probably quite a few stories that won’t make it into the main series and the world I’ve been building is so expansive that any approach will result in short stories being left behind. I know I’m not the only reader who enjoys delving into new worlds with a surplus of backstory and worldbuilding so I decided that Patreon would be a good place to put those stories and enable me to begin talking about what I’m writing with people who are interested in exploring.

As this develops I will cross post more about what I’m doing and offering at Patreon but for now it will be world building material and short stories that don’t fit into the main narrative arc of my series. As I explore Patreon I will post previews and talk more about what I’m doing over there. Feel free to have a look around.

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