May Check-in

I’m going to be fully honest and say that I didn’t plan ahead for today’s post so I figured that a check-in would be a good alternative to a regularly scheduled post.

For 2019 I have been working to have a regular posting schedule here and on Instagram. So far it has worked fairly well, especially because although I have a schedule planned I allow myself  wiggle room if I can’t post for unforeseen reasons.

Art wise I have been busy all year with events, commissions, submissions and challenges. I’m also trying to figure out some blog posts that might be interesting on art topics but as they require some research and planning they’re on the back burner because not taking on too much is one of my daily reminders to myself.

Writing wise I’ve finished a shiny new outline for the first book in the Starchild series. The direction has more clarity and simplicity but the backdrop of the world is still there to provide a rich resource of material to pull from and tie back into. Thinking of this part of the revision as a fresh start has me feeling more optimistic about the editing process.

I haven’t really addressed book reviews lately and probably won’t for awhile because I haven’t entirely figured out if I will continue reviewing NetGalleys books. I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately because it works well with art projects but now that I’ve pushed through the messiness of my revision process I won’t have much time for reading much else. That said, I do have a few reviews to finish down the line and I don’t want to close that door yet, I just want to figure out a way to make it work with the content I want to include in my blog now.

Is there anything you’ve been liking and want to see more of? Does the weekly Thursday posting schedule work? How’s your 2019 been so far?

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