Moving, art and updates

I have a love-hate relationship with moving. In fact, I haven’t even really unpacked anything except the necessities in the course of two moves over three years.I’ve lived all over California but never learned how to set down roots. What I understand how to do is live with important books and papers filed into boxes while unpacking only clothes and supplies I use regularly. It makes it easier to pick up and move. I’ll be moving again in August which is why I haven’t posted many reviews on here lately although I’m still reading and reviewing on Goodreads with some regularity.

The truth is, I enjoy the way that moving offers the chance to refresh my ideas of what really works for my life and what I really need but I’m also ready to do something different and unpack fairly soon after moving in. The next few months are really exciting because of the move and because I have something brewing on the art side of things. I’m hoping to post an update on that after the move.

Some other projects and plans are brewing for the Fall/Winter season that I can’t wait to share! Look forward to changes in reviews and a more consistent blogging/posting schedule coming soon.

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