Art: Society6 and beyond

During the course of 2017 I spent a lot of time on Instagram and in my journal exploring BuJo and art. My history with art is that it was always more of my father’s realm but as such I’ve been immersed in it all my life. For six years it was something I did to support running a website and was more design oriented. More recently it is something I’ve been exploring because I enjoy wordless expression as much as I enjoy toiling over wordy expression.

In October I started taking on Instagram art challenges as a way to get five minutes of drawing in each day and as a way to stop being nervous about perfection and just, well start starting! Toward the end of the year I decided to work on a few designs to upload to Society6. I’ve toyed with starting an Etsy before but it hasn’t been right for my time constraints or available materials yet. One thing I’ve wanted to do for years is to make designs for cups, plates and bowls. The fact that Society6 had some cups sold me on trying them out.

Seasonally I plan to upload three main designs that feel like they fit a particular theme. My Ring of Roses design is Valentine themed. The galaxy of flowers and the galaxy of leaves designs are generally “spring” themed.

I’m interested in any feedback and hope that you’ll check back often. My interests in making art are heavily in the pattern, textile and ceramic areas because I am quite fond of art in practical settings. Every day life feels so much less mundane and so much more precious in the company of beautifully made practical things.

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