Goodreads Review: The Scent of Wrath

The Scent of Wrath (The Seven Deadly Sins, #2)The Scent of Wrath by Greta Boris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

A delightfully atmospheric book driven by a female lead. Not so much of a mystery in the whodunit sense but rather it’s a light psychological thriller. It is more of a character study than a gripping, nail biting “what could possibly happen next”.

I requested this from NetGalley despite a fear, based on the description of Olivia, that it would be terribly New Age-y. In fact I greatly enjoyed Olivia as a protagonist, she’s everything I hope for in a female lead. She is struggling to get through a difficult time in her life but she’s still interesting and you could switch her gender without it feeling like you would have to alter the whole story. Which is to say, she’s dysfunctional in interesting ways that move the plot forward without feeling terribly contrived. I was worried that she would be a stereotype of a woman working in a Pilates studio, selling aromatherapy oils and being a single mom. She is those things but she doesn’t feel reduced to them through the course of the story. I mention this because I almost didn’t request this galley on the basis of those fears.

The story follows Olivia during a time in her life when she’s picking up the pieces of her life. Her son, her ex, her past and new people in her life all present further complications which threaten the efforts she’s making to move forward. This is what makes the story interesting. It’s not so much a mystery that leaves you wondering who but rather leaves you wondering how? I found it easy to root for Olivia because in her struggles she is genuinely trying to make the right decisions and so it was a page turner wondering how she could make it work and how she could discover the truths in her life in order to progress forward toward a good life with her son.

Scent of Wrath was an excellent page turner that I recommend to anyone who likes an easy read that draws you in with the characters.

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