Goodreads Review: Eat Fat, Get Fit

Eat Fat, Get Fit: How to Create YOUR Perfect Diet to Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Have More EnergyEat Fat, Get Fit: How to Create YOUR Perfect Diet to Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Have More Energy by Kusha Karvandi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I received a copy of this book for free through Netgalley to review*

I’ve read many articles and a few books on modifying diet without dieting and am always eager to read more. Kusha Karvandi’s sounded interesting mainly on the merits that his pitch is that the perfect diet has to be personalized (which seems to be where much of the data points). The book has some issues but Kusha makes his argument in a way that is ideal for beginners. Having spent a whole lifetime researching health and fitness for personal vanity and personal health I think that it is critically important for nutritional advice to be easily applicable to daily life even if the underlying component parts are more complex. Kusha does distill and simplify a lot of where the science is into easily digestible sections.

Having said that, I have two issues with the book. At the end Kusha mentions something called Exerscribe which is his brand and (I think) this book is meant to go hand in hand with Exerscribe’s biohacking fitness plan, however, the book is fairly short and mention of the Exerscribe program detracted from the book’s conclusions simply because it feels added on as an afterthought. This ties into my second issue being the length of the book. Because the book appears to be an accompaniment to the biohacking fitness plan I would have really enjoyed Kusha expanding the book to include more of everything.

The book doesn’t feel like a marketing tool primarily because the content in it is linked to a lot of different research and knowledge within health and fitness. Particularly the fact that lifestyle changes are superior to dieting for long term weight loss and management as well as health. Based on the little bits of information I’ve gathered about Exerscribe during and after reading the book I think that Kusha has a talent with distilling broad concepts and making them applicable to pretty much any lifestyle. This is definitely a great book for novices who want to have one guide to help them live a more healthful life. I have not yet made any of the recipes from the book but I was pleasantly surprised that they are not too trendy and are fairly accessible to someone wanting easily applicable rules and a diet plan.

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