Big Milk @ Les Feres Taix

I wrote this in 2001 for my site SimplyPaz (as Clara Black)

Les Feres Taix
August 17, 2001
with Big Milk, Paz Lenchantin and more

Once a month Eric Johnson puts on a “hoot” and this is why Big Milk was playing at Les Feres Taix on August 17th, but I had no idea aside from the fact that Big Milk would be playing. I got there early and settled into the cozy setting of the bar while everything was being set up. For awhile, a guy named Robert Shaw played piano which pretty much set the mood for the rest of the evening-mainly, spontaneous and intimate. Many acts followed (more info later). And then during one guy’s song, Paz came in to play her violin. I was pleasantly surprised and so was he. Big Milk came on after awhile and played two songs. The first of which seemed to resonate from the earth and leave a kind of tingling throughout, the players had chemistry that was felt through the music. Big Milk was very intoxicating. But after their set I was set straight on two things-this was very impromptu and not the best representation of what the group’s material sounds like. Well they had me fooled and now (beyond the insistence of Steve) I’ve gotta see a full on show. Next, Paz played for all of us, for two songs we were in Paz’s realm. The first song was Paz and her violin, mesmerizing. The second song was new I’m guessing, it’s not something from skYcaptain. Her singing lulled the audience who proclaimed her as goddess. All in all, a very beautiful night that didn’t end till after 2 when we were kicked out because the kitchen staff wanted to go home.

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