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I want to capture what is beautiful, what is meaningful, what is fleeting and what is taken for granted. In art and writing I explore those sweet and bitter moments that force me to draw breath long enough to keep looking, to keep trying and to keep reaching for them over and over again. When I think of beautiful I think of the spectrum of images, moments and feelings that take my breath away. We live among the images of hyper realized beauty which is often gloss and heavily retouched but this isn’t all that beauty is. Beauty is symmetry as well as asymmetry, dissonance and harmony. What it does for us is to cause us to aspire and inspire. But there is beauty in ugliness as well. In my work I continue to explore and develop eyes to see the spectrum and find ways to articulate what I see.

I was born into a California household suffused with art, folklore and curiosity. My work is threaded through with the stuff of dreaming worlds infused with the energies of magic, love, tenacity and boundless curiosity. Prints and household goods are available for purchase on Redbubble, Society6 and Zazzle. I am currently editing the first book in a fantasy series set on a magical, watery planet on the verge of a new era. You can find blog posts and book reviews here.

During the early to mid 2000s, I created and developed a fan site covering Paz Lenchantin, Big Milk and Camerata Tango as well as operating a personal portfolio website. Bits and pieces of my work from the early 2000s are available here. I studied Anthropology, English, Art and Multimedia at Santa Barbara City College and UCSB. My BA is in Anthropology from UCSB.

Also blogging on Rosie Eatz

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